2021 Buyer’s Guide

The 2021 Buyer’s Guide showcases the Company’s extensive line-up of high quality commercial and industrial LED Luminaires and Lamps.

The new 85- page catalog details the Company’s four major product categories including luminaires for Outdoor applications (including round and square poles), luminaires for Indoor applications, a complete line of LED Wireless Controls (including both Bluetooth mesh and stand-alone controls) and LED tubes.

Atg 2021 Buyer's Guide Feats

For 2021, there is a brand new “Features Key” which defines all the various logos and icons which are common in the lighting industry. Each and every page details various ratings for the product such as dimmability, warranty and UL/ETL ratings and specific performance data.

Viewers of previous publications will be surprised at the rapid growth of the ATG’s product line with many new products including stairwell lighting, sports flood lighting, downlights, exit and emergency, and a new floodlight series to mention just a few. Additionally, ATG LED has included a section dedicated to useful tips of information Including a HID-to-LED conversion table, IES recommended footcandle levels by application and the definitions of IP and IK ratings.

Atg 2021 Buyer's Guide

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