Wireless Lighting Controls

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Wireless Lighting Controls are suitable for controlling indoor or outdoor lighting, including light fixtures in one room, multiple rooms, and multiple floors of a building or outdoor spaces such as parking lots, walkways and façade lighting. This solutions are great for schools, hospitals, industrial park buildings, warehouses, and much more.

ATG Definitions for Controls Applications

LLLC – Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (Mesh Network)

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LALC – Local Area Lighting Controls (Circuit Level)

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SAFC – Stand Alone Fixture Controls

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Illustration for LLLC - Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (Mesh Network) Illustration for LALC - Local Area Lighting Control (Circuit Level) Illustration for SAFC - Stand Alone Fixture Control Diagram
Controls Brands (logos) Controls Brands (logos)
*possibly rebated on fixture only
Control-luminaire groupings typified by needs to a space or user, coordinated via wireless signals, executed at each luminaire. LLLC and networked solutions are highlighted by ability to operate independently or in mesh coordination. Note: they are not related by a power circuit.
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LALC solutions are highlighted by their “many to one” arrangements. This can save on hardware costs with minimal labor increases. Characteristically they are linked (related) by power or control wires.
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SALC solutions have sensors that typically only detect and individually control a single fixture. Characteristically they have A) 1:1 sensor to fixture relationship; B) sensor integrally wired and/or affixed to fixture; C) Likely to have physical settings on the sensor, but may have hand held program tool.
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LLLC Controls Datasheets LALC Controls Datasheets SAFC Controls Datasheets

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