LED Area Light – The Archer

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With high efficacy and precision-engineered polycarbonate lenses, the Archer Area Light delivers maximum value by providing significant energy savings, long life and outstanding photometric performance at an affordable price.

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Industry-leading 145 LPW efficacy
0-10V Dimming Standard (10%-100%)
Motion sensors and photocells compatible
5 mounting brackets available
  • Input Voltage
    100-277V, 347-480V
  • Wattage
    60W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 300W
  • CCT
    3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • Warranty
    LED Area Light - The Archer warranty information
  • L70

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The Archer LED Area Light is yet another great addition to ATG’s outdoor LED lighting product line. With a sleek new look and low EPA, the ARCHER is available in seven different wattages ranging from 60W to 300W making The Archer a great led parking lot light as well as a great choice for many applications including walkways, outdoor security lighting, car dealerships and many other large outdoor spaces.

The Archer LED area light comes with:

  • Various color temperatures (as warm as 3500K).
  • A variety of optics ranging from a Type II to Type V
  • Six different mounting methods so it can be used as a area light or as a floodlight.
  • “Controls ready” is a must so a dimming driver is standard with a variety of controls available ranging from bi-level sensors to photocells
  • A variety of visors for improved glare control.
  • The ARCHER also carries ATG’s 10-YEAR warranty.

This outdoor lighting fixture is a great way to make a location feel safe and secure. Achieve bright, crisp lighting without glare when you use The Archer!

Mounting options for The Archer

Archer Area Light Myk Ar 00 Ym Bracket
Archer Led Area Light Msf Ar 00 Slip Fitter
Archer Led Area Light Mtn Ar 00 Arm Mount
Archer Area Light Mub Ar 00 U Bracket
Archer Led Area Light Mub Ar 00 U Bracket 200
Archer Led Area Light Myk Ar 00 Ym Bracket

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