Class 2 Output Power Supply

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The PSC-AC-PP-100 power pack is the foundation for any low voltage lighting control system. It supplies low voltage power to occupancy sensors and other control devices, switching line voltages in response to signal from control devices. The PacWave PSC-AC-PP-100 Power Pack contains a 24 VDC supply as well as a 20A line voltage relay, and it provides this operating voltage to all PacWave 24 VDC occupancy sensors.


  • Class 2 output power supply
  • Self-contained transformer relay system
  • Powers low voltage sensors
  • Capable of switching up to a 20A load (ballast)
  • UL 244A Plenum rated
  • Installation in junction box not required

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    Sensor Operation

    PSC-AC-PP-100 power packs have a transformer and a high-current relay incorporated into them. The transformer has high voltage inputs of 120/230/277 VAC and 24 VDC low voltage output that powers PacWave sensors. When connected sensors detect occupancy, signal the power pack to close relays and turn on the connected lighting load. PSC-AC-PP-100 power packs can power up to 6 low voltage sensors in parallel.


    PacWave Power Packs are flexibly designed to work in a large variety of settings that require high voltage switching through low voltage controls. For example, PacWave Power Packs can control lighting circuits in classrooms, conference rooms, and offices. They can also control self-contained air conditioners, pumps, fans, motors, VAV systems, motorized damper controls, and setback thermostats. In short, PacWave Power Packs are ideal for use anywhere that optimal lighting and energy savings are desired.

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