Bi-level Dimming Microwave Sensor

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The PSC-BL-M-RT-DC0 actively emits microwaves at 24.11 GHz frequency and uses the Doppler shift of the return waves to detect motion.

The PSC-BL-M-RT-DC0 is a Class 2 Device designed to satisfy new CA Title 24 requirements for bi-level dimming of lighting fixtures. Using a 0-10V signal, the sensor is capable of dimming lighting loads down to 0%*, 10%, 25%, or 50%.

The sensor is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. It supports fixture and ceiling mounts up to 10ft (3m) high. Both sensor and power pack are rated for use in temperatures ranging from -30° to 70°C and relative humidity from 90 to 95% at 30°C.

0-10V: 100mA to drive up to 50 LED sink drivers on 0-10V output. High Vin-2.5V 100mA source Low 100mA sink current.

*For dim to off, Pacific PSC-AC-PP-200 Power Pack or LED dimming driver capable of dimming to off is required.

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