Commercial Lighting Reference

Commercial Lighting projects can be chaotic at times. When you partner with ATG LED Lighting we make this process easy for you.

ATG LED Lighting provides top of the line LED lighting for lighting specifiers across the globe. ATG lighting fixtures cover all commercial and industrial applications -including but not limited to warehouses, schools, parks, urban areas, parking garages, workshops, and offices. Our LED luminaires are assembled, warehoused and sold out of our US headquarters in Montclair, CA with
additional distribution facilities in North Carolina and Kansas.

ATG has put together a “Time-saving Reference Guide” to help you. This guide includes helpful information such as:

  • HID to LED Conversion Table
  • IP Ratings List
  • IK Ratings List
  • IES Footcandle Recommendations
  • Wind Speed Map

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your out-of-date fixtures to LED Fixtures, but not sure what wattage you’ll require or are wondering what the current illuminance recommendations are according to the Illuminating Engineer Society (IES) this guide is for you. The guide also includes a helpful Wind Speed Map and all ATG poles are guaranteed to meet the EPA requirements listed in it.

Commercial Lighting Reference Guides

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