Wireless Fixture Control Module

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ATG’s Wireless Control System incorporates the McWong PacWave™ Wireless Fixture Controller allows for two channels of 0-10 dimming, tem-perature monitoring, ambient light monitoring, active high relay control, and has a general purpose I/O. This unit is controlled wirelessly via the PacWave™ Bluetooth® Smart module allowing for wireless dimming of LED lighting. The small physical size allows for this unit to be place within the fixture. Alternate input voltages are available for voltages rated 18-48V.

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    Wireless Control Operation

    End users can program dimming levels, color temperature(two color white), temperature settings, and external ambient light sensor settings.

    2 Channel Dimming: allows for two 0-10 dimming channels for driver control. The controller allows for color temperature mixing of the two color white using PacWave™ Bluetooth® Smart module paired with Android or iOS application.

    Relay Control: High control output can be used to trigger relays or other control circuitry.

    Temperature Sensor: Allows temperature set point for ambient air temperature for both inside the controller case, or externally connected. Set point can engage 0-10 dimming to decrease temperature over a length of time.

    External Light Sensor: Allows user to set a Lux value point to control dimming of the lighting.

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